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Poisoned Flagon - Our escape box game

We bring portable escape room games to a whole new level with Poisoned Flagon! The game can be played where you are, which is a concept called escape box.

This is a fantastic game for different occasions such as team building, kick offs, conferences, office social events, birthday parties and other celebrations!

The success story of Original Swiss continues in a brand new and exciting format! We have incorporated many of the puzzles and mysteries from this game to The Poisoned Flagon, added some brand new ones, and scaled down the entire game so that we are able to bring it to the location of your company or organization.

This is not a board game or a tablet edition of escape room game apps, but a portable edition of a real game catering to larger groups.

How it works

A mad scientist has poisoned the drinking water reservoir in your hometown. Will you manage to find the antidote before it is too late? Get ready for 60 intensive minutes! Working together is the key to success in this exciting team competition.

One or more of our professional Game Masters will arrive at your location at least 30 minutes prior to your booking time to set up the equipment. There will be a thorough introduction lasting 10-15 minutes before the game begins. Afterwards, there will be time for a debrief and the winners will be announced.

We can deliver to and from your location in and around Oslo. We will bring all the equipment necessary. All we need from you is a location that can accommodate all your players and for every participating team, one table and sufficient seating for team members.

You can choose between two variations of Poisoned Flagon:

a 30-minute game with a total time of 1 hour or a 60-minute game with a total time of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

10-72 participants, divided into teams of 4-6 players, can play at the same time. The competition between the teams will be fierce, as every hint the teams ask for leads to a time penalty for the team.

Please contact us for price information or booking inquiries. We can also customise your game with desired product placements at an extra charge.

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