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Team Building

The clock is ticking. Your team has 60 minutes to escape.


  • Who keeps the coolest head and gets everyone working together?

  • Who concentrates and solves the puzzles in the heat of the challenge?

  • Who motivates everyone to do their best and persevere under pressure?


And, most importantly, can everyone stay in the spirit of serious fun?

All these skills are essential in the corporate world. AdventureRooms Oslo help develop and hone those skills.


With one unique feature: AdventureRooms is a perfect office outing. It demands you bring all your childlike imagination and explore it with excitement and playfulness to accomplish a mutual goal: Escape!


Corporate team building in AdventureRooms can take two forms: team development and friendly competition between colleagues.

Standard game: 3-7 people work together to escape the rooms by solving puzzles with logic and critical thinking. No one can escape alone.

Duel game: 8-14 people divided into 2 teams challenge each other in the same game. There will be 2 rounds whereby one team is chasing the other team in the game. We can accommodate up to 40 people playing 3 different games at the same time.

Duration:   1.5 to 2 hours depending on the group size

Capacity :   40 participants. Everyone participate at the same time.

Payment:    By invoice or bank card

Options:      Meeting room, coach, refreshments


Contact us to book your team building event.

AdventureRooms Oslo
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Mandag-fredag: kl 16-22

Lørdag:               kl 11-23

Søndag:              kl 11-21

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AdventureRooms Oslo | Experience the adventure of Escape room Games in Oslo
AdventureRooms Oslo | The most exciting Escape Game in the heart of Oslo
AdventureRooms Oslo | The best Escape Room Games in central Oslo!
AdventureRooms Oslo | The best Escape Room Games in central Oslo!


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