Parties & Special Occasions

Celebrate important milestones and special occasions at AdventureRooms Oslo. Alternatively, you can just have fun with friends and/or family.


Email with your preferred dates and times to book for special parties of 8 or more players.

Family fun with escape room in Oslo

The Fun Family Night Out

Monopoly? Risk? If you’re bored of board games, come on down to AdventureRooms and put all the strategy you’ve learned to the test. The timer is on and you’ve got 60 minutes to work with your family to get everyone out and back home. Your kids will step away from their mobile devices and engage in real-life gaming with you instead!

We offer a special price of kr 250 per child (9-15 years). Please refer to our price list for other participants.

Celebrate your birthday at AdventureRooms Oslo.

Birthday Party

Legends are made early in life. The baby who slipped away from the crib at 9 months of age? The kindergartener who climbed a tree and had everyone looking for her all morning long as she looked on with glee? It’s time to see if the little legend can stand the AdventureRooms test. Friends will solve puzzles, work as a team, and think their way out. The birthday package includes snacks, birthday decorations and an extra challenge for the birthday child. We will also lower the bar for success in our games.


Birthday parties for groups of 4 to 28 children can be accommodated for ages 12 to 17. Price per participant is kr 250.

Birthday fun has no age limit. Celebrate a milestone or simply bring your family and/or friends to AdventureRooms for a fun activity on your birthday. We promise that they will forever remember this birthday celebration. 

Bride and groom hen night stag party

Bachelor or Hen Party

You won’t want to slip the old ball and chain, but you should learn all your partner’s tricks in advance! Bride & bridesmaids and the Groom & groomsmen face the challenge of bringing the lovers back together after they’ve been locked in separate rooms.

Bring your wedding party to the AdventureRooms to fine tune their escape skills before the reception.  Can’t get everyone together on one date? Book your hen party or stag party separately. Try our popular Multiple Team Duels whereby two teams compete against each other in the same game.

Fun with friends with escape room in Oslo

Fun with Friends

Escape room is a perfect activity for friends who like to do things together. Try something else than the usual stuff, eg. the movies or the bowling alley. You can still go to the pub, either to warm up before the challenge or afterwards to talk about the great fun you had in the game.

If you are more than 7 participants, try our hugely popular duel games, whereby two teams will compete against each other in the same game at the same time. 

We have a special price for students (kr 250) for all games every day starting from 8pm. It is required that you are four participants in the group to qualify for student discount. Please refer to our price list for our other prices.