Price List

Special price (per person). Conditions apply.


  1. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  2. Your team must include a minimum of 3 participants to qualify for the children discount.

  3. Student discount is only applicable for games starting at 8.00pm or later.  The team must include a minimum of 4 participants. In 

  4. Student discount applies to student groups with a minimum of 7 participants any time of the day any day of the year.

  5. Students must present a valid student ID card.

  6. The birthday package requires a minimum of 4 participants.

  7. It is not possible to combine special prices with other discounts.


  1. For those who qualify for special price or a discount, please note the discount will be applied when you pay after your game.

  2. Prices include VAT.