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The Amazing Race: Escape from AdventureRooms Oslo!

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AdventureRooms Oslo congratulates Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2016. We are very proud to have been a part of The Amazing Race Oslo, organized by Visit Oslo and Fotspor Event, to celebrate this august event! #OsloVIPeace

Teams of 3-5 players participated in a mad dash around Oslo on a chilly Sunday morning in an attempt to become the next Amazing Race Oslo champions. One of the stops was AdventureRooms where the teams were shackled and imprisoned in three of our escape rooms and escape seemed hopeless.

Each team had 30 minutes to get their hands on one of those famous Amazing Race yellow envelopes, pointing them to their next destination. Their final goal was to to find the key to freedom and escape with the envelope before time ran out. In order to do that, they had to work together to solve tricky puzzles and challenges that we had created specially just for them!

Invited by Visit Oslo, the participants came from all over the world to participate in events that showcase what Oslo has to offer by way of attractions, activities, shops, restaurants, conference locations and hotels.

Few participants had any idea of what they were getting themselves into at AdventureRooms Oslo. We think it's safe to say that everybody had a rocking good time with many laughs and got to know each other better after being locked up and successfully escaping together.

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Welcome to an amazing adventure here at AdventureRooms Oslo!

AdventureRooms business partners: Fotspor Event and Visit Oslo

Many thanks to Visit Oslo and Fotspor Event for including us in The Amazing Race Oslo 2016! #OsloVIPeace16

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