AdventureRooms is one of Norway´s most popular and best liked escape room. We offer three different escape room games. Teams of 2-7 adventurers have to gather clues, solve puzzles and unlock mysteries together to help the team escape within 60 minutes.


Try our unique and popular duel games for 8-14 adventureres where two teams compete against each other in the same game.

We can accommodate up to 40 players at the same time in our location. 

Our escape box , which is inspired by our favourite game,

has a capacity of 72 players.

AdventureRooms Oslo | Live Room Escape

Not for the faint-hearted adventurer

Our high quality games originate from Switzerland. We place great emphasis on the overall challenge and experience our players leave with.


We have 1700+ 5 star reviews in social media.

The games can be played by all kinds of groups: friends, students, families and colleagues, and are perfect for different occasions such as team-building activities, bachelor parties, or birthday celebrations.​

In our escape room games, it is all about working together as a team and have fun while solving the puzzles and mysteries awaiting you.



We have decided to close our venue.

We will offer our popular escape box game, Poisoned Flagon, which is based on our huge success Original Swiss, played by tens of thousands of excited participants. Read more about Poisoned Flagon.

2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellen

We have done various escape rooms around Europe. This one was one of the VERY best! It was a very personalised experience, that was professional and exciting. The puzzles were challenging, but not frustrating. The room was very well organised, and had great theming and exciting puzzles. We did Black Queen and loved every second. This is by far the best escape room companies in Norway, and one of the very best in Europe. Highly recommend!

- Kelli C

Team Building

Teambuilding at AdventureRooms, an escape room in Oslo

The AdventureRooms is a perfect office outing. Can you keep your cool under stress? How strong is your team cohesion?

It demands you bring all your childlike imagination and explore it with excitement and playfulness to accomplish a mutual goal: Escape!

Escape room in Oslo for everyone and all occasions

It’s time to step up your game at AdventureRooms Oslo. You’ll need every gamer skill you’ve developed for your team to escape in an hour or less. Designed for adults and children alike, gamers aged 9 and up will enjoy putting their strategy, logic and problem-solving skills to the test.

Prices for our escape room games depend on how many people are on your team, kr 320 - 450 per person. We offer a special price for children (9-15 years) and students of kr 250. We also offer birthday packages for children and youths. For customised packages, contact us for more details.