Our games will excite you!

Located in the heart of Oslo, AdventureRooms is a real life escape room. Do you want to play a game?


The scenarios are real, the clock is ticking and the clues are all around you. You’ve got an hour to find the clues, solve the puzzles and get everyone out of the locked room. It’s going to take logic, it’s going to take mental flexibility and it’s going to take teamwork. The three AdventureRooms Oslo games each has a unique scenario for you to beat.

The duration for the standard game (2-7 participants) is 90 minutes long starting with an introduction to the game. Your 60 minutes of game play will be followed by a team debrief and photo session.


In duels (8-14 participants), two teams compete against each other in the same game at the same time. There will be two 30 minute sessions with a 10 minute interval. Set aside one hour and 45 minutes for this escape room version, which is unique to AdventureRooms and very popular.

2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellen

We have tried all the rooms. They have high quality puzzles and a lot of content (but most of the contents are parts of puzzles. I generally prefer "clean rooms" rather than rooms littered with all kinds of red herrings...). All the rooms were excellent, so I don't really favour any of them above the others. Also the staff is friendly and enthusiastic. Happy escaping!

- Karl Thomas

Mafia Omertà.png

Mafia Omertà 

Your mafia boss is in police custody and is facing the death penalty for murder. You know the police are soon on their way back to your mafia headquarters, Omertà Speakeasy, with a warrant to search for critical evidence. Your mission is to save your boss by locating his gun and whisk it away before the police arrive.

Standard game: 2-7 participants

Duel game:         8-14 participants

Unique escape room game in Oslo, Black Queen

Black Queen

You will need to think like royalty if you are to locate the Black Queen in this mysterious AdventureRooms game.

Every clue you find in her dark palace will lead you to your freedom. But you’ll have to hurry, otherwise her captor, the White King, will find you first and imprison you forever.

Standard game: 2-7 participants

Duel game:         8-14 participants

Unique escape room game in Oslo, Piano Enigma

Piano Enigma

How do you decide who is worthy of inheriting your fortune? Easy! You devise an ingenious and tricky escape game to test the challengers’ skills and smarts. All their senses will need to be heightened to succeed in finding the testament. Or will the vintage piano prove to be your final undoing?

Standard game: 2-7 participants

Duel game:         8-14 participants

Unique escape box game in Oslo, Poisoned Flagon

Poisoned Flagon (escape box)

This is the portable edition of our signature game, Original Swiss, which we can bring to the location of your company or organization. This concept is called escape box. A mad scientist has poisoned the drinking water reservoir of your hometown. Will you find the antidote for the drinking water before it is too late?

This is a game for 12-72 participants competing at the same time in teams of 4-6 people.

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