Avatar Escape Room

Many are keen to try our games, but do not have the opportunity to try our real-life escape room games. Consequently, we have launched a new concept, avatar escape room, to enable you to try our games from your home or office. The concept is also called live video escape room.


It is a great activity for friends or family or colleagues and the beauty of the concept is that you do not be in the same location to enjoy the game since you will participate via Zoom from your home or office. Our game master is your avatar in the game room, and you will guide the game master in the room. The avatar game is just as intense and fun as the real life game.

We have two avatar escape room games which are both based on our real life game Mafia Omertà.

Contact us by mail to book a game.


Mafia - Snitch's Nose

The police use informants to crack down on increased crime in the mafia world.


Unfortunately, an informant's identity was leaked, and in familiar mafia style, the mafia boss had the snitch's nose cut off. The nose is kept in cold storage somewhere in the mafia boss's premises and the police want to obtain the nose as evidence against the mafia boss.


You have managed to get into the premises, but the door is locked behind you. The mafia gang is on its way back and you know that you only have one hour to find the snitch's nose and get out again.


Mafia - Money Heist


The Mafia boss has hidden the loot from a successful robbery in Omertà Speakeasy, the premises where only his inner circle can access.


The police have managed to obtain a key to the premises. They have sent the mafia boss on a wild goose chase, and you now have the premises to yourselves for an hour to find the loot before the mafia boss returns to Omertà Speakeasy.


You have to watch your step as he has put in with obstacles and traps to prevent you from escaping with his booty.

How it works
The activity will include an intro plus debrief in addition to the game itself, which is a one hour challenge.

The pace is slower in an avatar game compared to a real-life game. We have adjusted the game to take this into account. The success rate is currently 50% in our two games.

Pricing is based on the number of players.

The price for up to 4 players is NOK 900.

Additional players cost NOK 200 per player.



You will pay the full amount at time of booking.

It is possible to add players later. In this case, notify us before the game starts so that we can request additional payment, if necessary. 

Group size
We recommend 2-4 players, but you can be up to 6 players.

What do you need

Zoom (a video conferencing tool) is used as a tool in our games. It is therefore important that you download and install Zoom on your computer prior to your game. ​

It is recommended that you connect to our Zoom link 10-15 minutes before the game starts to check that everything is working optimally.​

You will need good wifi.​

Ideally, an additional screen is recommended in addition to the screen being used for Zoom since you will then be able to access our website's resource images used in the game.​

It is a good idea to have pen and paper available to write down things during the game.

YOU will play from your home or office.
We are in our game location.